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MetaDojo provides a solution for individuals and businesses looking to build a new dimension to their existing website and social media channels on the metaverse.

Metaverse and Web3 are two technology terms that are frequently mentioned in the crypto investment community recently.

What makes these two keywords so hot? Let’s explore practically through the MetaDojo project – a platform that combines Web3 and Metaverse.

1. What is MetaDojo

MetaDojo is a project that aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 by providing users with ready-to-use and customizable NFT buildings (Dojo), deployable across different metaverses, and easily embeddable into websites.

MetaDojo provides a solution for individuals and businesses looking to build a new dimension to their existing website and social media channels on the metaverse. Inside the metaverse facilities, owners can display and trade their NFT collections, promote products and services, reward visitors as they create content or complete tasks, organize virtual meetings and events for community members, etc.

There will also be opportunities to work for ‘Ninjas’ providing their expertise and services such as 3D animation, interior design, event management, and more.

2. MetaDojo ecosystem

The MetaDojo Ecosystem is made up of 4 closely interacting components: Dojo owners, Ninjas, Creators, Community Treasury

MetaDojo Ecosystem

Dojo owners

  • Owners of buildings (Dojo) for brands or communities.
  • Owners can upgrade their Dojo and interiror to enhance the value of digital assets.
  • Build up brand/ community by rewarding visitors.
  • Deliver value by having relavent content & hosting virtual events.


  • Play to Earn / Play to Learn
  • Active to collect rewards
  • Gain understanding of community, products and services
  • Socialized with like-minded fellow players


Having job opportunities by:

  • Customize interior
  • Gamification dev
  • Hosting virtual events
  • Rent / resale agents


  • For funding of project development and maintenance

3. Token model of MetaDojo

Utility token

  • 1B fixed supply
  • Dojo distribution
  • Ninja NFT pass sales
  • Marketplace transaction fee
  • Governance: DAO, Voting power through staking
Utility Token

Gaming Token

  • Unlimited supply
  • Play to Earn
  • Platform and staking reward
  • In-app purchases
  • IPFS private utility asset hosting fee

4. Roadmap

MetaDojo will be deployed on the Kusama network. The project has been started construction from the third quarter of 2021. It is expected to conduct IEO/IDO in Q3/2022.


5. Partners


6. Investors

The project is currently in the fundraising stage. Investors will be announced after the end of the investment round.

7. Team


  • A+ Masters Thesis in Social Marketing
  • Over 7 years large corporate consultancy experience
  • CEO of Aimy Limited since 2018
  • Co-Founder of LG Capital
  • A mother of two digital-native kids

Team Advisor from Bitcountry – a project successfully auctioned on Kusama network.


8. Conclusion

Above is some information about the MetaDojo project. Hopefully this information will help you to have more information about Web3 and Metaverse, so that you can anticipate these trends and bring in more profits in the investment process.

All Blackreport articles are for informational purposes only and are not a financial advice.

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