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Fantom has started making waves in the DeFi space with its high-performance technology and strategic partnerships aimed to establish Fantom as the go-to platform for DeFi developers to build on.

Each key component of the network is akin to a lego set, holding all the blocks needed for digital assets to flourish on the platform. The current work related to cross-chain liquidity access from Fantom’s DeFi architect, Andre Cronje, alongside Anyswap’s founder Zhaojun, demonstrates how Fantom shapes up to be a leading infrastructure for the DeFi space. With extra-low fees (0.0001$), high speeds, scalability, and security, Fantom provides the ideal architecture for building dApps.

However, one last block of lego is missing to complete this: Liquidity

Liquidity is the backbone of the decentralized finance ecosystem and driving force for creating and growing financial markets. Without it, nothing will be built.

So Liquid Driver has been launched and solved the liquidity problem. Liquid Driver is like the final piece of the lego Defi set.

1.   What is Liquid Driver?

Liquid Driver is a High-Yield liquidity mining DAPP launched on fantom, incentivizing liquidity providers on SushiSwap.

They aim to foster innovation, development and integration on opera so users can experience the sheer power of DeFi, combined with the seamlessness of a CeFi experience.

2.   What are problems that Liquid Driver solves?

  • Whales manipulate the game with sizeable funds and dumping on other stakers.
  • Intensive token emission ultimately leading to price suppression.
  • Liquidity providers for non-LQDR pairs bear less risk and are inclined to “farm and dump”.

3.   How does LQ solve those problems?

LiquidDriver will leverage four solutions to fix those issues and reward liquidity providers proportionally to the risk they face: Deposit fees, Buy-backs, Gamification, and Value-capturing Mechanisms for LQDR.

  • 🔥 Deposit fees / Buy-Backs (and burn): Staking pools will have a 4% deposit fee used to buy LQDR back and burn it, thus helping to counter the selling pressure from intensive farming. They will adjust the percentage as the TVL increases.
  • 🎮 Gamification: Their subsequent roll-out will be a LiquidLottery where users can buy tickets by burning LQDR (more information about that coming soon)
  • 💵 Value-capturing mechanism: LQDR holders should have a share of the fees generated by the protocol.

4.   Features of Liquid Driver

5.   LQDR Token

LQDR is the native token of LiquidDriver

5.1.       Some basis information of LQDR

  • Ticker: LQDR
  • Chain: Fantom Opera
  • Contract address: updating
  • Max supply: Unlimited

5.2.       LQDR specs

100 000 LQDR will initially be minted to the developer address for aidrops and to provide initial liquidity.

  • Deposit fee : 4%
    • 75% for buy-back and burn
    • 25% to the developer wallet
  • 8.2% of LQDR minted will go to the developer wallet address ( Input wallet address ) for marketing, partnerships, incentives and airdrops.

5.3.       Initial farming offering

To distribute fairly the first batch of LQDR, LiquidDriver will start by opening all non-LQDR pools for 72 hours, allowing early liquidity shippers to accumulate our native token to start staking them once the IFO is over.

After the initial IFO, LQDR pools will open with extra boosts.

  • List of liquid containers available at launch:
    • YEARN/FTM : 4x
    • DAI/FTM: 4X
    • LINK/FTM: 4x
    • ETH/FTM: 4x
    • fUSDT/FTM: 4x
    • WBTC/FTM: 4x
    • SUSHI/FTM : 4x
    • CREAM/FTM: 4x
    • FRAX/FXS: 3x
    • AAVE/USDC: 2x
    • SNX/FTM: 2x
    • ICE/FTM: 2x
    • COVER/FTM: 2x
    • fUSDT/FRAX : 2x
    • ZOO/FTM : 1x
    • SFI/FTM: 1x
    • DIGG/FTM: 1x
  • LQDR containers:
    • LQDR single staking pool : 12x
    • LQDR/FTM : 20x
    • LQDR/fUSDT : 20x

6.   Roadmap

7.   Team members


8.   Partners & investors


9.   Conclusion

LiquidDriver is a novel and innovative project. By leveraging the liquidity staked on LiquidDriver to offer one of the best trading experiences available on a decentralized platform. Launching a fair and decentralized launchpad would be a step forward for the Fantom ecosystem by helping developers get the resources they need and attract early adopters.

Follow LiquidDriver on socail media:

Discord: https://discord.gg/X7DCyAwr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiquidDriver

Telegram: https://t.me/LiquidDriver

Medium: https://medium.com/@LiquidDriver

Website: https://www.liquiddriver.finance/

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