Introducing Gunstar Metaverse – shot to win and play to earn blockchain game

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Gunstar is a massive multiplayer online role-play game based on blockchain and integrated with NFT technology.

Digital assets tokenized as NFT and Metaverse have become a hot topic discussed in the blockchain community recently. The combination of Metaverse and Blockchain is of interest to the crypto market like never before thanks to the NFT boom, the bridge that has brought them together.

This concept became even more familiar when Mark Zuckerberg decided to change the name of Facebook to Meta and bet the future of Facebook on the Metaverse and at the same time announced that he would integrate NFT into his virtual universe.

From there, it shows that NFT and Metaverse are really potential tochnologies and will develop strongly in the near future. We need to catch up these waves so as not to miss great investment opportunities to make money!

And a project that you can not miss is Gunstar Metaverse – a game built on blockchain and intergrated with NFT technology. Gunstar is not simply a game, it is a whole virtual universe of Metaverse, where players can interact and act like in real life.

Let’s explore with Blackreport the interesting hidden deep inside the Gunstar Metaverse!

1.  What is Gunstar?

Gunstar is a massive multiplayer online role-play game based on blockchain and integrated with NFT technology.  This game is inspired by turn-based artillery games (Gunny, Gunbound, Worms, …) that have stormed the traditional game market.

At Gunstar, gamers can show off their skills or coordinate with teammates to create awesome “super high” headwind shots or unescapable hole traps to win and bring back the best rewards.

Unlike traditional games, Gunstar gives players real ownership of in-game assets. This is made by using blockchain technology to tokenize in-game items into Non-Fungible Tokens. In Gunstar Metaverse, each item has its own rarity, uniqueness, and advantages. This component is considered a valuable and tradable digital asset in the crypto market or the NFT marketplace.

2.  Game overview

2.1.     The virtual universe Gunstar plot

Legend has it that, thousands of years ago, in the fantasy land of Starworld, humans and animals lived in harmony and joined hands to build this peaceful and beautiful world. But over a thousand years ago, there is a technology developed by humans has become disaster. It makes animals spoil and aggression. Increasingly, the animals become stronger and they want to dominate this world, destroy the inherent civilization, bring the world back to its original time.

Under such extreme circumstances, some handful of powerful summoned beasts were still able to resist the adverse effects off technology to protect themselves, and protect humans. On the contrary, humans learned to be friends and companions with summoned beasts like in the beginning. Humans cooperate with summoned beasts and make use of available technologies, gradually building up strength against that destructive ferocious force.

And the story begins with the journey together to tame the summoned beasts, defeat the summoned beasts that transform into monsters and save the human civilization in Starworld.

2.2.     Journey to save Starworld

StarWorld is a vast fantasy world where humans and pets have lived together before a disaster happened 1000 years ago. It consists of a huge continent surrounded by islands. And Pearl Island, one of those islands, is the player’s starting point on the way to defeating monsters and rescuing StarWorld.

Players need to accumulate enough $GSC by completing missions in Pearl Land to enter Sky Land, which is occupied by monsters. In this land, cities that have not been destroyed are protected by walls from the attacks of monsters.

Outside the cities are areas occupied by different types of monsters. In here, players will need to fight monsters in order to collect rewards. It is important to hunt Monster Bosses that have the potential to drop Pet Fragment.

In addition to the single battle mode, players can choose to team up with other players, live in the same city as themselves to hunt Monster Bosses together. Players in different cities will not be able to team up with each other.

There are also mystical lands occupied by legendary monsters where humans have never set foot.


When arriving in the city of lands, players need a house to live in. They can choose to rent a house (pay by day / month in $GSC) from other players or buy a house (pay in $GST) on the Gunstar marketplace. If players are not online frequently, they can return to Pearl Island to avoid the cost of living in cities. The cost of returning to the Pearl Island is equal to one day’s rent in the city. The cost to go from Pearl Island to the city is free but must ensure enough $GSC in the account balance.

Housing can be upgraded with additional features such as: expanding storage capacity, producing supporting items for Pets such as: Teleport, Medicine, Power Up instead of having to buy in stores in cities. The value of the house will increase when it is upgraded with more features. It is considered as valuable digital assets and can be tradable within the cryptocurrency market NFT marketplaces.

2.3.     Gameplay

As a turn-based game, Gunstar focuses on the player’s game analysis and strategy skills. In addition, players need to understand the pet they choose to be able to optimize their abilities. Not only that, in addition to the power of pets, players have the support of human technological to help their adventure in the world easier.

In the battle, players are placed at 2 opposing teams, either enemy is AI or players, they will take turns firing at each other with their royalty “pet”.

They will take turns instructing their companion pets to perform awesome super high shots. In addition, external factors also affect the result of the match such as terrain condition, winds, storms, etc., causing players to constantly analyze and change tactics. Trajectory prediction system is integrated to assist players. However, analysis skills are still the key to winning.

When fighting, players will have a limited endurance stat called “stamina“. They need to pay attention to this stat to be able to come up with the best strategy.


Accompanying us are extremely powerfulpet, even summoned beasts such as dragons, phoenixes, unicorns,… There are a total of 23 types of pets with different strengths and abilities. In particular, these 23 types of pets are not the same at all, they are divided into many categories depending on the level of mythology such as: Ascended Animals, Legendary Animals, Elite Animals, Rare Animals, Normal Animals.

Each pet will have 2 unique weapons: normal weapon and ultimate weapon.

Pet Fragment and Merging system

When fighting Monster Bosses, the player has a chance to get Pet Fragments. When enough shards are collected, the player can merge them into a complete random pet that can be used in battles.

there will be a percentage of Merging. The more rarity it has, the harder the percentage.

2.4.     Game mode

At the present time, Gunstar has built 4 game modes in the game ready to serve players at launch: Campaign, Raid Boss, Arena Team, Arena Solo.


Campaign mode is where players explore Gunstar Metaverse. By defeating enemies, players will unlock more lands and pets.

The rewards in this mode will be: experience, in-game currency, a low percentage of pet fragments.

Raid boss

Raid boss is a special mode in the game. This is a limited event that is only open for a certain period of time.

During the event, the player can choose co-op or solo with the boss. The reward will be calculated based on how much damage hit on the boss.

In particular, the main reward in this event is the Pet Fragment – a rare item in the Gunstar Metaverse.

The enemy in this mode, which can Boss, is never dying. If the HP becomes 0, it will immediately evolve to the next stage, with full HP and stronger. Each stage will reward players randomly GSC or Pet Fragment, also experience for level up the character. That means players have to be alive and deal as much damage as possible to the bosss and pass as much boss stage as possible.

Arena – Solo

This is 1v1 game mode. Each player can select 2 pets to join the battle and are permitted to switch once per turn between those 2 pets, each with its own stats. The players’s goal is to beat their opponent and get a higher rank.

Arena – Team

This mode is a 4 vs 4 match.

8 Players are placed in 2 teams. Unlike Solo PvP, in this mode, players can only choose 1 pet to go to the fight with them. Once dead, the deceased players can access a three-in-a-row rolling slots machine, in which they can gain soft currency, alter wind conditions or drop randomly bomb on the sky.

2.5.     Ranking system

To create a battle between players with the same skill in order to get a better quality match, Gunstar has a ranking system based on Arena Point (AP). It’s also used to reward players after each Arena Season.

After winning a battle in Arena mode, the player will receive a number of AP. The amount of AP that player receive will defend on their rank. If the player encounters an opponent with higher AP than them, they will receive more points than usual if they win.

If a player quits mid-game, their AP will be deducted to ensure in-game compliance.

2.6.     Family and clan

Gunstar understands how communication is important with everyone in everywhere. Therefore, the development team has built in “Family” and “Clan” system to bring everyone together.

Family is a place for small people who be friends, or even family, to connect with others. The number of a Family is 4. There will be more and more features release with Family later like Building, Farming, Family Battles, …

If players need a bigger community because they are the leader, KOL, … can lead others to save Starworld, then Gunstar has Clan.Clan is a community that includes many Families. There will be a lot of features related to Clan that will be released in the future like Clan war, Clan royalty,…

3.  Introducing in-game currency (token) of Gunstar Metaverse

Gunstar has 2 tokens in its ecosystem. With the design of 2 dual cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem, it will help solve the problem of inflation as well as support long-term development projects in the future.

3.1.     $GST Token

$GST is the native currency in Gunstar. Players and investors need $GST to interact with Gunstar Metaverse.

  • Chain: BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain
  • Total supply: 200.000.000

$GST utilities:

  • Game currency that is used for transactions (purchasing items, characters,…)
  • Governance
  • Staking

Token allocation and distribution

A total of 200m tokens will be fully distributed within 43 months according to the following schedule:

3.2.     $GSC Token

$GSC token is the native currency in Gunstar. It’s a secondary token that is used in the Gunstar ecosystem for specific purposes.

  • Chain: BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain
  • Total supply: unlimited

$GSC can inflate or deflate in a specific time window depending on the gaming activities. $GSC is minted through completing quests and burning through various gaming activities.

$GSC utilities:

  • Pet fragment merging cost
  • Buying stamina
  • Paying the rental fee
  • Buying mystery box
  • Etc

3.3.     How to make money with Gunstar Metaverse

When participating in the Gunstar Metaverse ecosystem, there are many ways for players to earn money.

Earn GST by:

  • Staking GST
  • Reward from Arena Season
  • Trading in Marketplace
  • Received by lease your pet base on renting contract

Earn GSC by:

  • Winning a match, in any game mode
  • Trading
  • Doing quest missions

3.4.     Money flow

For the gameFi project to develop long-term, one of the important issues that the project needs to focus on is to operate the in-game economy properly. At that time, the profits received by the players will remain at the appropriate level and can attract more new entrants when the project has come a long way.

The following cash flow chart will help you evaluate how the economy operates and the deflationary mechanism in the long-term of the Gunstar Metaverse.

4.  Roadmap

Gunstar has been researched and built since the beginning of the third quarter of 2021.

A big difference compared to other GameFi projects, Gunstar’s products are all relatively complete and will be ready to serve players as soon as the IDO project is successful at the end of November 2021.

For detailed information about the process, you can refer to the route below:

5.  Team member

GameFi are projects that combine both fields: gaming and blockchain. Therefore, to evaluate these projects, we need to consider the experience of the construction team in both areas.

The team member of Gunstar Metaverse are all developers with many years of experience in both game design and blockchain programming… Most of the developer members come from Gameloft, a very famous game company for games on the world.

In addition, the project’s advisors are also seasoned experts in the blockchain field.

They all come together with the same goal of bringing the Gunstar to the world and giving real value to players.

6. Partners and investors

Gunstar is currently conducting funding rounds. Partners and investors will be announced by the project after completing the process.

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